Jarrod at ArtStarts in Schools – PSQTravels

Jarrod at ArtStarts in Schools – PSQTravels

Hello! Nice to meet you everyone!

My name is Jarrod, and I am the cousin of Pip and Squeak. While they are away vagabonding and enjoying the life of travels, I am here as your correspondence in Vancouver. I know, I know, traveling would be nice, but hey, who can complain when you live in one of the most awesome cities in the world. Am I right?

Since we live in such an amazing city, we can definitely still have as many adventures as my cousins, and what better way to start than by exploring our communities? I love going around finding the little hidden gems of our fair city and being able to dive in head first and getting involved. Right here in Downtown, not far from the Central Library, is a place that I love to visit. This place is the ArtStarts in Schools gallery.

PSQ Travels - Jarrod And Friend On TV
See us here listening and interacting with one of the artworks.

ArtStarts in Schools is an organization founded to bring art programs to schools around the province. It’s such a cool place to come and get inspiration about art, and all the stuff here is done by kids in schools in our communities. Isn’t that neat what creativity a little art can spark in children?

Not only do I love coming here by myself to check out the art, it’s open to the public, so bring your friends and family and get inspired to do your own art projects at home. See here, I brought all my friends and we are hanging out in one of their comfy chairs!

PSQ Travels - Jarrod And Friends On A Chair

Anyways, it’s been nice corresponding with you and you might hear more from me in Vancouver. Let’s enjoy the wonderful fall weather and make adventures in the lovely city we call home!