My, What a Perfect Glass You Have! – PSQTravels

My, What a Perfect Glass You Have! – PSQTravels

Top of the morning to you!

It’s me here, Squeak! This time I’ll just be on my own introducing you to one of my favourite pastime while traveling – museum hopping!

Every time I travel, I always make it a point to hit up a few museums to take in the local arts and culture. Museums in London offer free admission to most of their bigger galleries, so there shouldn’t be any excuses not to go visit, right? If you want to go see the special exhibits, you’d have to pay a minimal admission cost, but it is really worth it.

Oh right, back to what I was originally going to introduce. I’m here in this picture with the architectural glass ceiling at the British Museum.

PipSqueak at the British Museum

This ceiling is my favourite feature of the British Museum, but suffices to say, all the artifacts and exhibits are really enjoyable as well. This glass design was created by architect Norman Foster. He’s got quite the amazing repertoire. In London, he’s responsible for the Millennium Bridge, Wembley Stadium, London City Hall and most recognizably, 30 St Mary Axe. You might ask what that last one is, but if you’ve seen London’s recent skyline, 30 St Mary Axe is the latest modern addition to it, informally known as the gherkin. Also he’s designed the glass dome at the Reichstag in Berlin, the HSBC Hong Kong Headquarters and in Vancouver, British Columbia, his company Foster + Partners is a huge part in designing the Jameson House in Coal Harbour.

All right! That’s all for my rant on beautiful perfect glass this time. Time to sit down for a proper cuppa!