Arttrunk OITF – LipSync 2014

Arttrunk OITF – LipSync 2014

Did you say hello to us at the LipSync 2014?

LipSync 2014 was a concert hosted by HUM + The Lipstick Project bringing together some of Vancouver’s best musicians for a concert that kept our lips smacking and fingers snapping on February 6, 2014. It featured performances including Gio Levy, Anna Toth, Dan Heffner, Jeremy Lim, Angelica Poversky, Steven Ngo, Fat Julia, Nogo f/ That’s What She Said, and The Wishbone.

All proceeds will go towards helping The Lipstick Project provide free professional spa services to men and women in local hospices to help them through the tough times.

Why was arttrunk here…?

The Wazzoes, PipSqueak RedSpikes, Ceph: We are here at the LipSync!
“Look at all these cool pins!” (baby Wazzo, Ceph, and Wazzo)

Blue Wazzo: Come by for some arttrunk HUM for LipSync Treble-clef pins!
“These HUM for LipSync x arttrunk Treble-clef pins are so adorbs!” (Wazzo)

Please donate!
“Thanks for all your support! 100% of proceeds from the HUM for LipSync x arttrunk Treble-clef pins will go straight to The Lipstick Project.” (Wazzo, Ceph, and PipSqueak RedSpikes)

Blue Wazzo is enjoying itself at the concert!
Music can heal, and that’s what this concert was all about.