…And Away We Go! – PSQTravels

…And Away We Go! – PSQTravels


Our names are Pip and Squeak and we belong to the amazingly cute and totally awesome family of pipsqueaks. Traveling is our passion because we love to go on adventures and learn all about cultures from around the world. We’d love to take you along on our journey to show you our wide-eyed view of the absolutely astounding world around us.

Well, what’s the holdup then? Let’s take you on our first trip to London.

London is without question a breathtaking city. From restaurants to museums to theatres to famous landmarks, culture can be found wherever you turn. But not only is it cultures from around the world that captivate us, we are equally enthralled by all things pop culture. And so it is with that in our minds we made our first stop at Westminster Abbey.

PSQTravels London

Well, what is so hip and cool here at a cathedral centuries old? Besides the awe inspiring stain glass and stunningly intricate façade displaying the utmost artistic culture, this is where Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton (now referred to as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) were married. Not only has the world been watching London because of the Olympics this summer, but this marriage was unquestionably a definitive moment in the history of London. Our favourite moment in the wedding had to be the lovely trees lining the center aisle of the cathedral. The vibrant plant life contrasted with the stark yet warm building was the perfect backdrop to a magnificent wedding.

So what do you think? Do you think you’d be able to keep rolling with us across the world in search of fun and adventure? Don’t forget to keep reading about our travels and experiences, and we hope you will continue to join us to embark on exhilarating escapades!

Until next time for more London capers!