When it Started

When it Started

It didn’t start with an eye-sobbing story of change or revolution. It didn’t start for any particularly meaningful purpose. We started because we wanted to have fun doing art.

Blue Scarf with Pink Murphy

It was that simple.

Baby Green PipSqueak

When we were kids, there was always a designated art time where we could just get our hands dirty with bright, colourful paints and think of creative ways to stick popsicles sticks together. As we progressed to high school, these art classes became “extra” curricular which were optional beyond our regular science or computer classes.

Brick Red Scarf with Yellow Sad PipSqueak

Since when did art become optional?

Brick Red Scarves - Button and Pattern Styles

Art molds us,
builds us
and forges relations.
Too often do we forget to do

Art for Art’s Sake